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251LG Organ Needles (Pack of 5 Needles) For Blindstitch / Hemmers Machines

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 System 251LG is a curved needle generally used in blindstitch machines. It is also known as 29-C-300LG, 300GEB, 29CB, 251EL, and LWx5T.
251LG Needles, System 626 for Union Special Columbia Model 300, US Stitchline SL718-2, US Blind Stitch hemmer machines

Alternative Needle System Numbers: 251E, LWx5T, SY7425, 20C300LG, 29CB, 29BNL, 300G

U.S. Blindstitch :718, 718-C, 718-2, 1118, 118-C, 1099.
US Stitchline SL718-2
Columbia : T1718, T175
Consew 718, 1118-2, 75C (not 75T)
Union Special 99KS blindstitch machine

    A needle system is a group of needles made to fit specific sewing machines. All needles in a system are of the same length and shank size, but are of various diameters. Lower size numbers are narrower or thinner needles used for lighter materials. Higher size numbers indicate a needle of thicker diameter, used for heavier materials. Match your needle system to your machine, then the size of the needle to the product you are sewing.

    Needle Sizes Available for Light, Medium, and Heavy Weight apparel, drapery, and interior fabrics (not upholstery)

    Size 8 (Metric Size 60) Light
    Size 9 (Metric Size 65) Blindstitch Size 2.0, for Light
    Size 10 (Metric Size 70) Blindstitch Size 2.5, for Light
    Size 11 (Metric Size 75) Blindstitch Size 3.0, for Light
    Size 12 (Metric Size 80) Medium
    Size 13 (Metric Size 85) Medium
    Size 14 (Metric Size 90) Blindstitch Size 3.5, for Medium
    Size 15 (Metric Size 95) Heavy
    Size 16 (Metric Size 100) Blinndstitch Size 4.0, for Heavy
    Size 18 (Metric Size 110) Blindstitch Size 4.5, for Heavy

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