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ACROPRINT 150NR4 Automatic Time Clock

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Rugged and dependable automatic-print time clocks
A heavy-duty time clocksuch as the Acroprint Model 150 can handle thousands of print registrations perday. These dependable workhorses are suitable for any size business in anyenvironment.
Model 150 at a glance
Affordable and dependable designed to provide years of trouble-free service. Carries a lifetime typewheelguarantee, and 1-year warranty for the rest of the materials.
Rugged anddurable withstands harsh environments and thousands of print registrations perday.
Versatile and customizable offers custom print registrations tomeet specific applications. Month typewheel available in English (standard) orSpanish.
Available typewheel configurations
This time clock is availablewith five standard right-hand print typewheel configurations.
ModelDescription Sample
150AR3 Day of week, hour, minute

150ER3 Day ofweek, hour (0-23), decimal hundredth

150NR4 Month, date, hour, minute

150QR4 Month, date, hour (0-23), minute

150RR4 Month, date, hour(0-23), decimal hundredth

Suitable for all environments
The Model150 is an automatic-print time recorder that accepts standard time cards. Thesturdy print mechanism is activated by inserting a time card, which allows forconvenient one-hand operation. This model comes with a large, easy-to-readanalog clock face and a tough, rust-resistant case.
Operates on 120VAC,60Hz. Made in the USA.
Customizable for a variety of applications
Theseversatile time clocks come with a variety of standard typewheel configurationsand can be built to order with custom typewheels. Model 150 time clocks aresuitable for time and attendance tracking, job costing, time and date recordingand many other applications.

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