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Consew 757r
Consew 757r


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CONSEW  757R  Heavy duty long arm sewing machine            

Extra Heavy Duty, Long Arm, Single Needle, Drop Feed, presser foot, Lockstitch Machine

The Consew 333R-5 is designed to primarily for heavy duty materials. Its walking foot feeding mechanism improves the machines ease of use and the synchronized upper and lower mechanism assure for a perfectly uniform stitch every time. Designed for such operations and products as safety and logging belts, cargo slings, buffing wheels, tents, sails, harnesses, tarpaulins and covers, fabric structures, construction barriers, parachutes, balloons, industrial bags, boot stitching, book binding, to name a few. 


  • Syncronized upper and lower feeding mechanism
  • Alternating presser feet
  • Steel insert for take-up hinge
  • Reverse stitching- hand or foot operated
  • Stitch regulator- hand or foot operated
  • Presser foot lift- hand or foot operated
  • Two row feeder
  • Extra-large, long-beak oscilating shuttle, hook and bobbin
  • Belt guard


Speed, Max (S.P.M.)



Walking Foot

Stitch Length

1.7 s.p.i. (15mm)

Bar Stroke

2 13/64" (56mm)

Needle Used

7 x 3

Bed Size

26" x 9 7/8" (660mm x 251mm)

Stitch type


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