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Consew 29, 29B, 29l, 29BL

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Consew 29, 29B, 29l, 29BL shoe patch machines
Part Number: C29
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Cylinder Arm, Shoe Repair and Mending,  Lockstitch Machine

With: Oscillating Shuttle, Extra Small Cylinder Bed, Universal Upper Feed, Double Ended Needle Plate


Repairing of leather materials and shoe uppers.


  • Extra small cylinder bed
  • Oscillating Shuttle
  • Universal upper feed for stitching in any direction without turning work
  • Handwheel can be mounted on front or right end of machine
  • Wheel pulley "V" groove for motor drive
  • Double ended needle plate with different size holes at back end to accommodate various size needles
  • Adjustable thread take-up lever
  • Adjustable presser foot pressure and thread tension
  • Machine can be driven by foot treadle, hand crank or electric motor


Standard or Full FunctionStandard Functions
Needle29x3, Style 3741
WorkspaceStandard Workspace
Hook SizeSmall
Net Weight62 lbs. (28kgs)
Feeding MechanismUniversal
Work Space12" (310mm)
Clearence Under Presser Foot13/32 s.p.i. (10.5mm)
Gross Weight70.5 lbs. (32kgs)
Depth of Cylinder Bed7/8" (22.2mm)
Stitch Length3.5 s.p.i. (1-7mm)
Width of Cylinder Bed1" (25.4mm)
Number of Needles1 (Single)
Speed, Max (S.P.M.)500
Total Carton Size3.2 ft3 (.09cbm)

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