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FP202XL 36 x 11 in. Steam Press

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Big Home Steam Press 36"
Part Number: FP-202XL
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FP202XL 36 x 11 in. Steam Press

Family Press home electronic steam press designed to accommodate most garments. This Electronic steam press offers unsurpassed pressing area. It is ideal for all types of clothing: pleated skirts, pants, blouses, shirts, ties, cloth belts and scarves.
The Family Press FP202XL offers the largest available pressing area in the industry with its 36 x 11 inches pressing plate.

fp202lPress plate measures 36 inches high x 11 inches wide
Largest steaming plate in industry
1600-Watts of power with steam burst
100 pounds of pressure
LED temperature display
212-degrees to 392-degreees temperature range
Steam and dry capabilities
Stores vertically for easy storage
Audible safety alarm
Non-stick teflon heating plate
Timed safety auto shutoff
Press the entire inseam of your pants.
Application Power: 110-120V,60Hz
Use of surge protector highly recommended
Press pants with one pass

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