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JIFFY 0601 ESTEAM Hand Held Steamer

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Jiffy® Steamer's ESTEAM® is the most powerful hand-held steamer on themarket. Made of the finest materials available, many years of research andtesting were spent developing the ESTEAM®. This simple-to-operate steamer isideal for use at home, in the office and on the road. The ESTEAM® is also aperfect gift for college students and newlyweds. The ESTEAM® incorporates manyof the same components used in our commercial grade steamers making it thefinest hand-held steamer on the market.
ESTEAM® Features:
Up to 3times more powerful than any other hand-held steamer on the market with 600watts of steaming force
No internal water lines or pumps to become plugged
Uses plain tap water (no salt required)
Wide mouth, easy-to-fillwater tank
Largest water reservoir on the market...8 ounces
Over 15minutes of steam per filling
Long power cord with molded storage clip formore manageable handling
Designed to fit neatly inside an attaché orsuitcase
Numerous cord plug attachments available
120 and 230 Voltunits available
Optional voltage converter available
Made in the USA

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