1. JIFFY 0892 Steamboard

JIFFY 0892 Steamboard

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MF-1500 - 1


True portability with a convenient carrying handle. Total weight of the microfi nisher and iron is under 20 lbs. Built-in iron rest with silicon pad. Water & discharge containers included. UL Listed.

1500 watts dedicated to steam generation produces continuous steam up to 100 p.s.i. Uses Regular Tap Water. Tap water ONLY must be used. Adjustable Steam Pressure Control. This allows the user to adjust the steam according to pressing needs for dry or wet steam. Runs off standard 120V grounded outlet. Ready to use in 4 minutes.

This steam microfinisher is designed and manufactured for steam irons only with the highest quality components custom made to stringent specifications. 6 Month limited warranty.

Must open blow off valve at the end of the day and empty, otherwise the unit may clog and not work properly. Must use tap water.

Safety Features:
� Automatically turns off after running out of water
� Red light warns operator to check water
� Thermo fuse
� Pressure safety relief valve
� Heat insulating sleeve covers steam hoses for operator protection..

Model: MF-1500-1
Steam Pressure: 60 - 100 P.S.I.
Weight: 1.22 Kgs. (2.7 Lbs.)
Sole Plate Shape: 205mm (8.0�) H x 99mm (3.94�) W

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