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JUKI MO-734DE 2-Needle, 2-3-4-Thread Overlock Machine

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JUKI MO-734DE 2-Needle, 2-3-4-Thread Overlock Machine
Part Number: MO-734DE
Availability: In Stock

Automatic Needle Threader
Lay-In Type Thread Tension Slots
Color-Coded Threading Guides
Automatic Looper Threading
Slit-Type Molded Looper Threading
Adjustable Stitch Length (external)
Adjustable Differential Feed
Adjustable Lower Knife
Retractable Upper Knife
2/3 Thread Conversion Cap
Wide Overedge Width of 5 – 9mm
Higher Presser Foot Lift
Sewing Light
Micro Safety Stitch
Parts/Accessory Kit
Convenient Waste Bin

Sewing Speed: Max 1,500 spm
Number of Threads: 2/3/4 Threads
Needle: Household Machine Size 11 or 14
Overlocking Width: Left Needle: 7mm / Right Needle: 5mm
Rolled Hem: 2mm
Stitch Length: 1 – 4mm (Standard: 2.5mm) / Rolled Hem: 1 – 1.5mm
Differential Feed: 0.7 : 2.0 Ratio
Built-In Rolled Hemming: Right (Narrow) or Left (Wide) Needle / 2 or 3 Thread
Flat Lock: Right or Left Needle/ 2 or 3 Thread
Universal Presser Foot: Tape, Ribbon, Narrow Elastic Application
Presser Foot Lift: 5mm
Multi-Purpose Presser Foot For tape, ribbon, narrow elastic applications
Dimensions: 315mm (w) x 370mm (h) x 285mm (d)
Weight : 8.4 kg (16.6 lbs.)

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