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Juki DDL-8700 (Used)

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Juki DDL8700

High Speed, 1-Needle, Lockstitch Machine with Automatic Thread Trimmer, Wiper, High Foot Lift, needle position selector, and Servo Motor.

Responsive to all types of medium weight material, this unit sews consistent, high quality seams at high speeds with fast and accurate thread trimming. New design reduces noise and vibration levels dramatically and the distance between the machine arm and needle provides increased work area. Features includes high presser foot lift of 13mm, light touch stitch dial, seam allowance guide on throat plate, and durable attachment mounting seats.


  • Universal feed movement allows free-hand stitching in any shape, form, style or direction
  • Adjustable needle plate accommodates a variety of needle sizes and threads
  • Easy-to-change hook needle
  • Uses all types of thread: cotton, silk, wool, metal and synthetic
  • Equipped with device for changing from chainstitch to dropstitch without removing work or rethreading machine
  • Model 104-100 available for sewing sequins


Stitch Type

Single Needle, Straight Stitch

Speed, Max (S.P.M.)




Stitch Length

1/8" (4mm)

Bar Stroke

1 7/32" (30.7mm)

Needle Used

DB X 1, sizes 9-18


48.00" h x 36.00" w x 48.00" l

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