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S95 Double Welt Piping Presser Feet for Walking Foot Sewing Machines

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Part Number: S95
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Double Welt Piping Cording Feet Foot Set

Industrial Sewing Machines,

including Artisan, Brother, Consew, JUKI, Mitsubishi, Singer,

PART #: S95 (Includes Inside Foot #S93 & Outside Foot #S94)


CHART: Foot Groove Size Cord/Welt Size

1/8” (3 mm) 1/32” (1 mm)

3/16” (5 mm) 3/32” (2 mm)

1/4” (6 mm) 5/32” (4 mm)

5/16” (8 mm) 7/32” (5.5 mm)

3/8” (9 mm) 9/32” (7 mm)

Please note that the above chart uses approximate sizes for

Regular Weight Upholstery Fabrics/Materials.

Lighter or Heavier Fabrics/Materials may require different Sizing decisions.

Generally, the Cord/Welt is approximately 3/32” (2 mm) SMALLER

than the Groove in the Foot.

TYPE: Please note that this Foot will fit on virtually all

Singer-Style Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machines.

USES: Used extensively in the Furniture and Automobile Upholstery, Marine, and Awning Industries to achieve efficient and consistent Double Welts with a variety of fabrics, including canvas, vinyl, leather, Sunbrella, etc.

FITS: all Singer-Style Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machines,


ARTISAN: 618-1 4400RB


CONSEW: 206 206R 206RB 225 225R 225RB 226 226R 226RB

255 255R 255RB 277 277R 277RB

ECONOSEW: Walking Foot

JUKI: DNU-1541 LU-562 LU-563 LU-1508 LU-1510 LU-1541 LU-1560

MITSUBISHI: DU-100 DU-105 LU2-400 LU2-401

RELIABLE: Walking Foot

REX: Walking Foot

SEIKO: Walking Foot

SINGER: 111 111G 111W 153K101 153W101 153W103 168W

211G 211U 211W

TACSEW: T111-155



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