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Wei Jie WJ-38 Heat Transfer

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Specially designed for transfers.
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Wei Jie WJ-38

The machine is applied to bind materials with low temperature low lining of pyrograph and printing in costumes, It will can heat transfer and pyrograph the color pattern and writing of printing ink of sublimated and solvent print in cotton, hemp, chemical fiber etc., And it also can used to hot deal with flocking prograph and bled prograph printing Craft, economy and practical.

Electronics figures manifestation thermostat control temperature, high precision.
Fever silk and hot plate roll into integral whole, safely, enduring, hot distribute uniformly.
Electronic timing control, finish procedure with signal.
Spray Teflon into upper working face, use with a long-term, easy to clean.
Adjust pressure at any moment.
The bottom of plate use high temperature-resistant bled silicon, temperature-resistant reach at 350℃ can not change shape.

Model Work table size Voltage Power Moves warm Time delay
38 38cm×38cm ~220V 3.2KW 50-300℃ 1-60s

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